This breakthrough coronavirus vaccine already worked on monkeys

The ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 coronavirus vaccine candidate developed by Oxford scientists is already in Phase 1 human trials and could be ready for emergency use as soon as September, a previous report said. The researchers have published a first study detailing their research on mice and monkeys, and the data suggests the COVID-19 vaccine can stop the virus from replicating inside the body. Visit BGR’s homepage for more stories. The novel coronavirus i … [Read more...]

How a single person spread coronavirus to 52 people in just 2.5 hours

The novel coronavirus can be transmitted by talking loudly or singing, a new study the CDC published revealed. Touching the same surfaces as an infected person is also a risk. One COVID-19 patient infected 52 others from a choir group during singing practice in mid-March that was attended by 61 people. The study confirms existing hypotheses about the ways the virus can spread to others and indicates that social distancing, face masks, and good … [Read more...]