Amazon accused of fighting efforts to track COVID-19 in Wisconsin facilities

Amazon may be improving safety measures in warehouses to protect against COVID-19, but it’s also accused of being less than forthcoming with vital data. The health officer for Kenosha County in Wisconsin, Jen Freiheit, told the Milwaukee Journal Sent... … [Read more...]

Google is working on end-to-end encryption for RCS texts in Messages

RCS is supposed to be the spiritual successor to classic SMS and MMS texting, but the lack of built-in encryption puts a damper on that — someone could theoretically snoop on your messages where they can’t with services like iMessage. You might get y... … [Read more...]

Messages on the Mac may finally catch up to its iOS counterpart

The Messages app on the Mac has lagged behind its iOS equivalent for a long time — it’s good for answering text messages without reaching for your iPhone, but many of the features and effects are missing. It might catch up this year, though. The 9to5... … [Read more...]

Valve starts inviting players to ‘Artifact’ Beta 2.0

After almost a year of waiting, Valve is finally ready to let the public take a peek at the reimagined version of its troubled card game. The company released a signup page to Artifact Beta 2.0 on Friday, tweeting that everyone is welcome to sign up,... … [Read more...]

The Morning After: SpaceX prepares for Crew Dragon’s biggest test

As we settle in for a holiday weekend in the US, we’re looking forward to next week’s big event: a groundbreaking trip to space. SpaceX Demo-2 test fire (NASA/Joel Kowsky) The Demo-2 mission will be the first crewed launch from US soil since 2011, as... … [Read more...]

The 2020 New York International Auto Show is canceled

The 2020 edition of New York’s auto show was initially delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but now organizers have canceled the event for this year. Citing both the uncertainty caused by the virus and the role of the Javits Center as a field hos... … [Read more...]