Share of the Week – Fashion

Last week, we asked you to put your best fashionable foot forward and share outfits from your favorite games that stand out using #PS4share and #PSBlog. We’ve got the catwalk ready to show off this week’s highlights: @MisthosLiving wisely dons the Athena’s Blessing armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Deacon rocks post-apocalyptic biker chic in this Days Gone share by @ahmedzafar99. Even though it’s summer, Aloy wears the Banuk Ice Hunter … [Read more...]

Share of the Week – Swimming

Last time, we asked you to beat the summer heat and take a dip in the digital waters of your favorite games. While you swam through oceans, lakes, and murky waters, we waded through your shares in the #PS4share and #PSBlog tags. Here are this week’s swimming highlights: @SebastianoCatig shared Aloy taking a dip in an oily sink hole in this shot from Horizon Zero Dawn. @JohnnyCrepp showed Nathan Drake taking a dip through some colorful waters … [Read more...]