Something slammed into Jupiter, and all we saw was a flash

It was only about a day ago that NASA showed off some Hubble's finest work yet in the form of new images of Jupiter. The photos (and a brief animation made of many of said images) are stunning, but while we were all gawking at the gorgeous eye candy this week, something appears to have slammed right into the side of the gas giant. As ScienceAlert reports, one very talented space photographer managed to capture images of what appears to be an … [Read more...]

Destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant is out of space to store radioactive water

Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant suffered a devastating meltdown back in 2011, and while news about the disaster has died down significantly since then, the actual cleanup and containment efforts have been ongoing ever since. Now, with contaminated water from the plant continuing to pile up, the company handling its storage says it's just a few years from running out of space to hold it. The tainted water, which is a mix of water from the … [Read more...]